Bundala National Park

watching birds in Bundala National Park

The Bundala National Park is one of the tourist attractions of Southern Province, Sri Lanka. Bundala is a bird sanctuary. Many tourists visit to the Bundala lagoon to watching birds.

Where is situated Bundala National Park?
Bundala National Park is situated Hambantota, Sri Lanka. It is situated about 245 kilometers from Colombo.

What is important of Bundala National Park?
It is the fourth biosphere reserve in Sri Lanka. Department of Wildlife Conservation is governing Bundala National Park it was named as a Sanctuary in 1969 and it was named as a National Park in 1993 the Bundala National Park consists 383 plants species the park covers 6000 hectares. 

photos of Bundala National Park

bird sanctuary
bird sanctuary

bird sanctuary

bird sanctuary

bird sanctuary

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