July 18, 2012


The lumbini is the one of the world famous UNESCO world heritage Sites which is situated in the the Rupandehi district of the Nepal. Thousand of Buddhist Peoples come to Pilgrimage lumbini. This holly site is very important to Buddhists. The lumbini where the place queen Maya gave birth to princess, Siddartha according to legend and historical evidence. The Nepalese archaeologists has found great stone pillar at lumbini which was created by King Asoka (about 345 BC).
Story of lumbini
There is a wonderful story related to birth of load Buddha. The lumbini was situated between Kapilavastu and Devadaha Nepal in ancient time. The day was a vesak full moon. The queen Mayadevi was going to her parent’s home to delivery of her first baby according to traditional custom. She was feeling maternal pain at the lumbini there was a park the queen delivered the baby under the sal tree (Shorea robusta) there was happening wonderful thing after birth of infant the seven lotus flowers are bloomed then princess was started to work on the lotus flower he told “This is my last birth and here after, I will not be born again.” the Buddhist literature describes this occasion colorfully. The book, Suttanipata has described the birth of load Buddha in lumbini.
Not only Buddhist pilgrims but also Hindu pilgrims come here to worship Maya Devi they believe Mayadevi   as a mother goddess of Lumbini
Fairs & Festivals in Lumbini
There are many fairs and festivals in lumbini when you plan the tour you can consider these festival

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