July 22, 2012

Hulu Ganga River

Hulu Ganga rivers
Hulu Gaga River is one of the beautiful Rivers in central province; Sri Lanka. This river is stated from The Knuckles range it creates Huluganga waterfall. This river is main tributary supplying water to the Victoria Reservoir. If you plan to visit to Mahiyangana via Kandy-Mahiyangana road (A 26 road) you can see Hulu Gaga near the Orutota Bridge which is situated 18 km away from kandy. Many tourists like to stay moment at the Oruthota to take a bath from hulu ganga.  Polwaththa eco lodge and Oruthota chalets hotels are situated Near the Oruthota Bridge. This river is the most voluble resource to people This river supplies water to  orutothota hydro power station also Hulu Ganga supplies pure drinking water to people . don’t pollute this Hulu Ganga at the your trip As the  team of mytouristdestinations.info We appreciate environment friendly tourists  

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